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Equilibrium Mercury Isotope Fractionation between Dissolved Hg(II) Species and Thiol-bound Hg

Wiederhold, J. G.; Cramer, C. J.; Daniel, K.; Infante, I.; Bourdon, B.; Kretzschmar, R.
Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 2009, 73, A1438.

Stable Hg isotope ratios provide a new tool to trace Hg sources and transformations in the environment. The fate and mobility of Hg is strongly influenced by sorption to organic matter. Thiols (-SH) are the dominant Hg-binding groups in natural organic matter. Here, we report experimental and computational results on equilibrium Hg isotope fractionation between dissolved Hg(II) species and thiol-bound Hg.