Shadow and light across your face

Like pictures in a dream

                  a face I've never seen

A creature of the night


Reality fades away without a sigh

When thoughts clad such as you go by

Mesmerized by motion on the screen

Of movie-mind we play our scene

And always lost I chase the morning mist

In desperation lusting for a kiss

When tantalized I think I've touched your breast

You laugh and fade--the mist your breath the rest


Some ghosts are made by action of the mind

Illogic--leaps of faith

                  a precognitive wraith

An intellectual shade


Bot normal trains of logic don't apply

To shadow-nymphs who live untouched by time

It's clear your being has never borne a name

Nor was a language ever spoken by those same

Alluring lips

                  at least not of the Earth

But maybe in the flames upon the hearth

The fire it spoke of passions such as thee--

Bt more to sparks to air than e'er to me


                  O heart that beats and claws at flesh

                  to find the land that lies forgot

                  no passion burns so strong as that

                  which feeds upon the moon lives

                  between the clouds and rests

                  beneath the fog so be it that


Emotion here defeats the waking mind

Her tempest-towers tall

                  with feeling hold it thrall

The thought-winds blow so sere


But you my love have never known that blight

You flee the clinging trammels of clear light

You touch me where my nerves may never go

You tease me and you laugh at me as though

You can't be caught you can't be hurt

With stormcloud kings you dance and flirt

With blades of ice and fire I'd cut my wrists

If only I could find you

                                                      in the mists


                                                                                                            Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                                                            February 21, 1984