Sonnet XVIII


In New York, Sam's son has a darker glass...


 With Lewis Carrol nights he lies awake

 And dreams the hunting of the snark (although

 I must profess right here that he has no

 Particular lust for young girls or tak-

 Ing of nudie pictures--no!) but still he

 Thinks he'd like just once to find a really

 Huge bandersnatch--and oh, a tum-tum tree

 In the back garden would be so lovely


 I promise he won't hurt me any-

 More if you'll just take off this jacket so

 He can look out the window--see, we know

 Where Alice is hiding and he's got to

 Cut off her head--he promised the queen. Go

 Mommy! Please, Mommy, let us go, Mommy.


                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                        November 1984