On The Sixth Day


                  My name is Legion, for we are many. --Mark 5:10


It's shining in the window already,

Through the god-damned shades I always forget

To close at night. I wish someday the sun

Would stay put and leave just black

Sky. Who the hell needs all that light

Anyway? I'd rather see the moon.


It's time to get up. I face the mirror and moan

If I don't find that shower already

I'm gonna collapse--damned fluorescent light.

I wonder what I did last night. I forget,

But I've got a bruise on my arm... all black

And blue, like a little photo-negative sun.


There's not much to do today. Some

Old newspapers on the floor bitch and moan

About how tough this Jew of that Black

Has it. Well fuck 'em all 'cause it's already

Time for my show; I never forget

It--them hard-ass cops don't let nobody off light.


I like to watch TV until it's pretty late

Then I go downtown and catch some

Film, girl getting fucked so full, forget

About walking home. I'd make the bitch moan

Like a siren... Maybe tonight. Already

I can see it against the night--all black.


I go to Johnny's bar, it's down the block

I wait and close him up, then real late

I sneak up on some cunt I know's already

Done a thousand guys, and I get some.

I stab her breasts and thighs until she moans

For more and bleeds her life out to forget...


Another day. Once more last night's... forgot.

I never can remember, must be some block

Just like that TV doc talks about. Well, can't moan

About shit like that, I'll be late

For... what'll I do tonight? I'll think of some-

Thing. Fuck, another bruise?! Well, the first one's gone already,


And I/m all ready to forget

About the sun and live the black

Night light of the moon...


                                                                                                            Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                                                            April 10, 1981