...in a Distant Land


By golden Atlantean lakes

                        upon a time we rode

            and the world was young and fiery like the hearts of our horses

Priest and priestess

                        we tended the land

            and love was like a fire we set in the grass

Our love


                                                but the world changed and so


At the feet of Isis

                        we worshipped the Nile

            and crocodiles rose at our call and cried in the water

Brother and sister

                        we ruled the sun

            and glory shone brightly off the gold at our throats

Our glory


                                                but alas again the world changed and so


Last in massive marble halls

                        we spoke like the gods

            and sated with luxury the raw hunger of life

Emperor's purple

                        we wore with great stature

            and power dripped from us and rebuilt the world

Our power


                                                rebuilt the world!


But golden Atlantis lies under the wave

            the fire in the grass is now cold

The land was not something devotion could save

            nor were we youth able to hold


So Egypt is fallow beneath desert sand

            our gold does not shine in the dark

The Nile will not nurture a mummified hand

            nor float a celestial bark


And Rome? Rome is blasted and fallen to dust

            the purple is only a story

And now come to naught as we feared that they must

            are power and richness and glory


What can we then hold to my lover, my dear one

            to what may we cling in the night?

To only each other, for all else we've touched on

            has slipped through our hands like the moonlight


                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer