Greycastle V



The day comes quietly into the city streets

Like water spilling slowly over castles in the sand

Cool grey mist upon the uncomplaining pavement

Another night I've spent awake and found nothing


But empty faces that muttered half-heard words

And shapeless hands pointing

Another direction

            another street another highway


Chicago New York L.A.

The city is always the same

A broken shadow play of light and voice

A catch as catch can of reality and illusion

And I a ghost haunting spectral streets

            am lost without my soul

I see it more and more each day

It is not you for whom I search

            but me

For you have stolen all my hopes my dreams

They flit about invisible

And where they are I cannot know

Chicago New York L.A.


Like a car in endless motion I am hypnotized

The miles roll out beneath my wheels

I sit and stare as faceless headlights

Plow the furrows of the road

Behind the blankness of my eyes

My thoughts go flying up

Until the city lies spread out beneath me

            its magnitude is staggering

Inside the car my slack-jawed body steers

Odysseus without Penelope

I wander the interstates the city streets

The fog embracing more and more

While the radio croons


            as none remain to loose me from the mast

                        your siren song will haunt me all my life

            such seas are not like roads that one can map

                        and never shall the homeless find his wife


Seven eternities loom ahead

As many more behind

My four-door flying dutchman winds

Its way as it knows best

Chicago New York L.A

            ... and all the rest


                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                        July 1984