Greycastle IV



The streets lie wrapped in a floating mist as

The fog from the river coils about fire

Hydrants and street lamps

Jealously guarding its resting places

With cool beads of water

            brushing against them my sleeves

            come away wet


Sinuous movements give subtle hints

Of people quietly moving behind

These liquid pearl walls

And when a figure emerges--looms before

Me-- each time I'm sure that it's you

And each time I must release my

Intaken breath with unabated disappointment

As another stranger passes by


Every night for the last week

The fog has flowed in and I

Have walked the streets alone

            the eyes of city misted over

            to match my own


Ah how I miss you chérie


A taxi noses by me and

Slips away into the fog



                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                        November 1982