Fleeing the Minotaur



I am Theseus

And I've lost my ball of string

I could find it you know

It's probably in the center

Bit I can't face the center

Not yet


It's a long cold maze

Every twist and turn the same

All compelling me

To that fateful center

Where the Minotaur waits...

Not yet


He can speak only truth

This bull-man in the center

He follows me with his amber eyes

I do not fear death

But I'm not ready for the truth

Not yet


And so I play my game

My self-made illusion of moving forward

Rolling on the rim of time

I won't fall into the center

I'd rather be lost and blind

I'd rather go on

And on

Fleeing my Minotaur


                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                        distant past