have become

                        comfortably numb

Galadriel--you like Meow Mix


Time and time and bottles of wine

            and trumpets and fanfare and mist and gold fire

And triumphs disasters wild victories defeat

            you're here and you're gone and you're her and you're him

                        and I haven't the slightest

                                    the first damn idea just who in the hell

            when you're gone

                                    yet again


It's becoming annoying


I often find myself holding conversations with you

            at two in the morning when work has run a little

                        late and this would be fine except that I'm

                                    all alone with a vacuum pump


Flirting with specters of pleasure and pain

            that course through my blood and are banished again

  until season or passion or paramour change

            and about all I'm sure of are poetry frisbee

                        and playing guitar and  not one of them

                                                cuts it


Not quite


So after four years of looking I find that

            all I'm sure of is just what you're not

                        and what I can't have

            and I guess that I'll play by your rules if

                                    I must

            and just keep on singing


                                                                                    Pink Floyd


to my cat


                                                                        Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                        October 1985