another blueeyed boy


An old fried of mine went off one day

                  motorcycle ridin'

He worked it

                  tore it around

                                    loved it


He flipped it and took a piece of metal through the liver



And that's the end of the story

                                    it just stops


'Nother old friend

                  catchin' the view--watchin' the sunset

                                    went through a plate glass window

Cut the carotid artery and you bleed out in under a minute

                  maybe he was stoned but

                                    it doesn't matter

Memory just closes the file


So sit yourself down Death

                  it's not like you're not known to us all

Our dinner guest with the particularly mirthless smile

We've wrapped you away in antiseptic linens

And put sunglasses over your far-away eyes

But you still come to the table a' nights


Once I read you some poetry

                  tried to make an impression

But you just asked me about my girlfriend...




                                                                                                            Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                                                            February 3, 1984