Acid Rain


The water's been clear

As anything for two years now

And you can see straight

To the bottom and it's                                                                    down

                                                                                                            locked down

With the sand and rocks

And my boat slides

Smooth as the sunset

On the mirror and glass surface


But   the   fish   don't   jump

Anymore from the water

To the air their gleaming

Silver sides gone long ago

Ungodly                               creatures of

Fin and flesh below


Them Washington men

They came and spewed

                                                      their shotgun words

Around the lake

About                                                                                            low pH and

                                                                        particle pollutants

And then ran belling

Into the next county


They told me what I already know

The lake is dead

                  and the fish are dead

                                    and the plants are dead

                                                      and the tourists are all dead

And like them men from

The government

I been looking to the skies

                                                      for weeks now

But I don't believe in

                                    no                             bullshit



                                                      I'm waitin'

                                                                                                            for them


                  to come and land

                                                                                                            on my

Hospital gown lake


                                    make the world




                                                                                                            Christopher J. Cramer

                                                                                                            October 7, 1981