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AMSOL is our semiempirical program for calculating the properties of molecules in solution. You can find out more information on the AMSOL homepage.



On the GAMESSPLUS homepage you can obtain modules that, when added to the free electronic strucure program GAMESS, allow for the inclusion of solvation effects at the ab initio and density functional SCRF levels. The HONDOPLUS homepage provides details on analogous free, stand-alone code having the same functionality.



More information on similar modules available for the Gaussian series of programs can be found on the MN-GSM homepage.



OMNISOL is a free (but licensed) program for the rapid (non-quantum-mechanical) estimation of solvation free energies in water or organic solvents. For more information see the OMNISOL homepage.


For a complete comparison of available codes and solvation modules, see