Fall Semester 2017

All documents are pdf files

Note that each "Module" corresponds to the material in the Chapter of the same number in the course textbook (see syllabus for additional details). The videos using these slides are either on the Coursera website (Modules 1-8) or this YouTube playlist (Modules 1-8), or this YouTube playlist (Modules 9-13). In addition to the individual pdf files below, a single gzipped tar file of all slides is available for download (229.2 MB). Finally, a single pdf file of all of the in-video assessments, with answers, for Modules 1-8 is available (those for Modules 9-13 are already included as slides).

Lectures covered by Exam 1:

Module 1: ThermoVid_1_01; ThermoVid_1_02; ThermoVid_1_03; ThermoVid_1_04; ThermoVid_1_05; ThermoVid_1_06; ThermoVid_1_07; ThermoVid_1_08

Module 2: ThermoVid_2_01; ThermoVid_2_02; ThermoVid_2_03; ThermoVid_2_04; ThermoVid_2_05; ThermoVid_2_06; ThermoVid_2_07; ThermoVid_2_08

Module 3: ThermoVid_3_01; ThermoVid_3_02; ThermoVid_3_03; ThermoVid_3_04; ThermoVid_3_05; ThermoVid_3_06; ThermoVid_3_07; ThermoVid_3_08

Module 4: ThermoVid_4_01; ThermoVid_4_02; ThermoVid_4_03; ThermoVid_4_04; ThermoVid_4_05; ThermoVid_4_06; ThermoVid_4_07; ThermoVid_4_08; ThermoVid_4_09

Lectures covered by Exam 2:

Module 5: ThermoVid_5_01; ThermoVid_5_02; ThermoVid_5_03; ThermoVid_5_04; ThermoVid_5_05; ThermoVid_5_06; ThermoVid_5_07; ThermoVid_5_08; ThermoVid_5_09; ThermoVid_5_10; ThermoVid_5_11

Module 6: ThermoVid_6_01; ThermoVid_6_02; ThermoVid_6_03; ThermoVid_6_04; ThermoVid_6_05; ThermoVid_6_06; ThermoVid_6_07; ThermoVid_6_08; ThermoVid_6_09

Module 7: ThermoVid_7_01; ThermoVid_7_02; ThermoVid_7_03; ThermoVid_7_04; ThermoVid_7_05; ThermoVid_7_06; ThermoVid_7_07

Module 8: ThermoVid_8_01; ThermoVid_8_02; ThermoVid_8_03; ThermoVid_8_04; ThermoVid_8_05; ThermoVid_8_06; ThermoVid_8_07; ThermoVid_8_08

Lectures covered by Exam 3:

Module 9: ThermoVid_9_01; ThermoVid_9_02; ThermoVid_9_03; ThermoVid_9_04; ThermoVid_9_05; ThermoVid_9_06; ThermoVid_9_07; ThermoVid_9_08

Module 10: ThermoVid_10_01; ThermoVid_10_02; ThermoVid_10_03; ThermoVid_10_04; ThermoVid_10_05; ThermoVid_10_06; ThermoVid_10_07; ThermoVid_10_08; ThermoVid_10_09; ThermoVid_10_10

Module 11: ThermoVid_11_01; ThermoVid_11_02; ThermoVid_11_03; ThermoVid_11_04; ThermoVid_11_05; ThermoVid_11_06; ThermoVid_11_07; ThermoVid_11_08; ThermoVid_11_09

Module 12: ThermoVid_12_01; ThermoVid_12_02; ThermoVid_12_03; ThermoVid_12_04; ThermoVid_12_05; ThermoVid_12_06; ThermoVid_12_07; ThermoVid_12_08

Lectures covered only by Final Exam:

Module 13: ThermoVid_13_01; ThermoVid_13_02; ThermoVid_13_03; ThermoVid_13_04; ThermoVid_13_05; ThermoVid_13_06; ThermoVid_13_07